Gabriela Klein is a free-lance furniture brokers since 1986. After completing the apprenticeship at ISE SpA she joined the family business and became buying agent for Ello Furniture Mfg. Co. (Rockford, IL), and Möbel Kiste (D) until 2007. For over 10 years Gabriela Klein also sold custom metal frames to the Office Chair Industry in Germany and Switzerland, resourcing from Italian Manufacturers. Gabriela has over 30 years of experience in researching MADE IN ITALY design furniture, and all its components, keeping in mind the needs and styles of the clients.

Gabriela has an extensive knowledge of production materials, from wood ( solid & veneered) including root-woods , Glass ( straight & bended) textiles, leather, marbles , and also metal , in all their different working processes.

She is accustomed to working in strict cooperation with architects and designers, with their projects in studios in Europe and the United States. Over the years she acquired the right skills, competence, and know-how to follow through each project from the prototypes to industrial production. In 2007 the business expands by arranging the purchase, the logistics and installation of complete projects, key in hand.

With her love for the aesthetics, knowledge of materials and techniques, the lead she provides her team with, the efficiency in the management of orders; Gabriela conveys a perfect final product with upmost attention to the smallest detail.

In line with the project, Gabriela will bring together the right team of professional collaborators to make sure the perfect outcome within the established time-frame.

Gabriela Klein is the perfect partner to entrust during the design/renovation of any environment.